8 TV Personalities More than anything, we hate

Forget the sweet grandma stereotype. Livia Soprano, the family matriarch, is a manipulative mob boss in her own right.  

Livia Soprano

This miracle child, born of vampires, had a rough upbringing. Raised in another dimension by a vampire hunter, Connor returned as a vengeful teenager with serious anger issues.

Connor (Angel)

Don't let the friendly exterminator facade fool you. Todd Alquist is a brutal drug distributor, a white supremacist enforcer, and a cold-blooded killer.

Todd Alquist (Breaking Bad)

This politician isn't just unethical - he's downright homicidal. Frank Underwood's ruthless ambition for power leaves a trail of bodies, including Zoe Barnes and Peter Russo.

Frank Underwood (House of Cards)

Meet Frank's equally power-hungry wife, Claire Underwood.  She'll stop at nothing to protect their legacy, even if it means murder.

Claire Underwood (House of Cards)

The Governor seems like a savior at first, leading a thriving post-apocalyptic community. 

The Governor 

While not a villain, Will Schuester, the high school glee club director, can be cringe-worthy.  

Will Schuester (Glee)

This high school English teacher takes the creepy teacher stereotype to a whole new level.  

Ezra Fitz (Pretty Little Liars)