8 Audiences Say Boomer Comedies Are Unwatchable

Do you recall those "classic" comedies that made baby boomers giggle uncontrollably? After a few decades, some of them just don't seem to be as relevant.

18 Boomer Comedies Today’s Audience Argue Are Unwatchable

Oliver and Lisa Douglas, two city dwellers, leave their posh lifestyle behind to live on a run-down farm, and oh, the comedy that follows! Boomers enjoyed their out-of-the-ordinary antics, such as making friends with pigs and struggling with country living.

City Dreams, Country Meme: Green Acres (1965-71)

Things become crazy when a retractable antenna Martian crashes and takes on the persona of your relative. The silly antics of this Earth-alien dynamic were adored by the audience in the 1960s.

Outer Space Roomie: My Favorite Martian (1963-66)

The three turbulences—Larry, Curly, and Moe—made waves wherever they went. Their bold actions delighted the older population and became the buzz of the town.

Silly Slaps and Eye-Pokes: The Three Stooges (1934-59)

The Frankenstein-like Herman, the vampire-like Grandpa and Lily, and the wolfman-like Eddie made comprised the strange amalgam of monster icons that was the Munster family.

The Friendly Neighbor… Monsters? The Munsters (1964-66)

Under the ominous roof of a German Prisoner of War camp during World War II, the inmates, under the clever leadership of Colonel Hogan, continually outwitted their captors.

Salute… To Comedy? Hogan’s Heroes (1965-71)

One of the most recognizable stranded ensembles on television originated from the SS Minnow's disastrous cruise. Boomers tuned in every week to witness a fresh, frequently hilariously mishandled escape attempt in each show.

The Island of Oops: Gilligan’s Island (1964-67)

Hazel was not your typical maid. She was the Baxter family's laughter and heart. Boomers loved her no-nonsense style and sharp comebacks.

Wait, Who’s in Charge Here? Hazel (1961-66)